Health of the Feet

Our two extremities


From the age of infancy onward, the health of human feet is systematically sacrificed in favour of deformation by the use of unfitting socks, stockings, and shoes of all types.


Doctors have failed to provide sufficient information to the public at large, urging them to pay attention to the health of the feet. We have also not performed appropriate measurements of feet that would have enabled the manufacturers of socks, stockings and shoes to apply such measurements to the production of new types of stockings and shoe lasts. These measures would have achieved the long awaited standardisation of shoe sizes and new products, and ensured the production of appropriate shoes for young girls and boys - from the age of infancy, through, and beyond the period of growth.


The chief medical officer (OSR) explained on 13 November 1999: "Deformation of the feet starts at the hyaline infant skeleton". From 2004 on, the accompanying booklet for the mother-and-child passport includes the following additional admonition and instruction for parents who are anticipating a baby:


" Studies have shown that more than 50% of children wear shoes that are too short for them.

The following should be noted if one wishes small feet to develop in a healthy way:

* Walking barefoot – whenever possible – is the best one can do for small feet.

* Feet need more space when walking. Therefore, shoes must be longer than the feet that wear them.

* One should also ensure that socks fit well. The toes should not be pressed together from the sides or the front."


Vienna, 26th June 2000. Dr Risa Kalmus-Lourie. The problem of damage to human feet caused by modern civilization was addressed as early as in 1931 at the Institute of Anatomy, University of Vienna. Under Prof. Julius Tandler, the protagonist Dr. Kalmus-Lourie performed a comprehensive investigation of the mechanics of feet titled “Contributing to the question of the cause of hallux valgus," whose result was received by Prof. G. Hohmann in Germany, and by R.A. Boebel in Austria. Kurt Wiessner, a gymnastics teacher at the University, constructed the first training sandals, which have been imitated throughout the world from this time on, and were used to produce innumerable other types of "corrective" footwear.


The hitherto unresolved problem has not ceased to arouse interest in Vienna - as the present far-reaching study shows.

To avoid systematic ruin of the development of feet in terms if  extent and duration, from the very start of a person's life on Earth, further research was conducted at the Institute of Anatomy, University of Vienna, and the Austrian three-dimensional anatomical ergonomic procedure of foot measurement was developed.


At the founding meeting in the Austrian Institute of Standards on 26th September 2012, a new task group 188 named "Leather and leather goods," "Shoes and the leather goods industry" will be created. This task group will work out a shoe size standardisation procedure for our population.


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